Why We Created States Hockey Apparel™

I believe that every state has it’s positives. Florida has it’s sunny beaches, Minnesota has it’s cool weather, Massachusetts with it’s amazing history. One positive however isn't represented as much as some others, and that is their hockey programs. Sure, you can expect some great hockey coming from up north such as Illinois, Michigan, and New York, but what about the lesser known ‘states of hockey”?

Take Nashville for example. They have one of the most loyal, passionate, and craziest fan basses in the entire National Hockey League. Who would ever expect that coming from a hockey program out of the state of Tennessee? Even before they had their historic Stanley Cup run where they just barely lost to the Pens, Nashville had an amazing group of fans, and a great team not to mention. So why isn't this type of passion in every state? The thing is, it exists in all 50.

Outside Nashville's stadium where fans are waiting to get in by the thousands

Living out of Arizona, I can tell you hockey runs everywhere, even deep in the desert. The fans out here support our teams like crazy. Even if our team gets shutout 10-0, we still are loyal to the organization. No offense to the Coyotes organization, but they tend not to do the best when it comes to standings. Does this drive off the fans? Of course not. We are loyal to the end, and it will stay that way.

Before I created the company, I had trouble finding apparel that resembles ones state pride plus supporting their hockey program. Sure, they have some clothing lines that resemble state pride, but none mention the hockey. This I found to be frustrating because all the apparel I would see online and in stores is all about the huge hockey states like mentioned before. So, I took matters into my own hands and built a business that can prove people’s thoughts wrong when it comes to a good fan base.

With States Hockey™, we make it possible for you not only to wear your state with pride, but also allow you to support your state’s hockey programs. Our goal is to expand to all 50 states to show that hockey can run from either the deep south, pacific coast, sunny Florida shores, or up in the frigid north. We believe that you should be able to do so with perks such as free shipping and easy ordering. This allows every customer, no matter where you are from, to have the best experience with us as possible.

SH is also a very patriotic business, having the U.S flag on every piece of apparel to show

respect to the nation and those who fight for our freedom. We support our military extremely, believing they are the true heroes of the world.

I believe everyone should be able to represent their state not only with pride, but passion. With States Hockey, you can do just that.


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