We are #humboldtstrong

A picture of the entire broncos team before they left

So originally, I was planning on releasing a new blog post about the offseason and tryouts, but then I realized there are way more important things I could release. I heard about the semi-truck that hit a bus last Friday around 5 p.m on Highway 35 in Saskatchewan carrying the junior hockey team the Humboldt Broncos. I was terrified to hear that the team mostly consisted of 16-20-year-olds. No one, regardless their age, should have to feel unsafe in a team bus. It then made me think more about how people are responding to the situation.

If you are a hockey fan and if you were to jump on social media, chances are you are seeing many pictures of people putting out their sticks to honor those lost in the crash. Major companies like CCM, STX, and Howie's Hockey Tape (just to name a few of the many), professional teams, and well-known players are doing what they can to support the cause. The support this cause is getting is beyond belief, the go fund me page is now the 5th largest in history. It showed me how hockey players and fans aren't just people who like the sport, but they are actually part of something more. We grow up playing together and become a second family, the family of hockey. When our family is happy we are happy. When our family is sad, we are sad. When something bad happens in the family, the rest take action.

We put our sticks out to honor the passed broncos

We here at States Hockey would like to say rest in peace to those 15 who lost their lives in the crash. We would like to say stay strong to those injured and trying to recover. We would like to say we are here for you, for those affected by the tragedy. We would like to say thank you to all of the hockey family for showing major support. We would finally like to say we are #humboldtstrong. An event like this should have never happened, especially to people that young. To the families that lost their spouse, child, or even friend, we are sorry and we are here for you. Stay strong, you guys are doing great.

I will be uploading the previously written blog at a later date, I felt this could go easily go before it when it comes to importance. Thank you for reading, more is to come from us in the near future.

#BehindSH #Humboldt

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