Tryouts + The Offseason

So the season has come to an end and all players are hanging up their skates for a break. But some of those players are looking towards the next season. The next step in their neverending quest to get better at the game. However, they first must overcome tryouts.

Tryouts can be some of the most stressful times for players, you never know if the coaches saw that one small mistake or if they even saw your fancy dangles during the scrimmages. There is also the burning question in your head during the entire tryout period: will I make it? Most of the time, it is usually make or break. But what if it wasn't? What if you could increase your chances of making a team? Here are a few tips for those players who want to get an edge on some of the competition.

The first big thing that most coaches appreciate is good players. I'm not talking only about the skills a player has, but also the way they treat others and how they handle things outside of the rink. Right off the bat of tryouts, a player should shake the coach's hand and introduce themselves. This shows the coach that they are responsible and respectful towards coaching figures. Another thing that I have realized is that coaches will most likely ask about a players grades in school. They will do so because that shows exactly how responsible the player is. So if your grades are on the fence and want to impress the upcoming coach, next time try studying or getting some tutoring help instead of playing NHL 18 or trying to get your 50th win on Fortnite.

Another huge thing that is best for players is training. I know this sounds like an obvious one, but most players look past it believe it or not. They believe they can take a huge break from hockey just because the season is over. Sure they might do a couple stick-times or open ices, but they throw out any thoughts of hitting the gym or getting some extra on-ice training in. I can promise you that if you were to train in the offseason, your coach will notice for sure. If you are looking for training, healthy hockey diet and play dissecting, I recommend you head either over to or check out their YouTube channel. They post amazing, useful content in my opinion and I have learned a thing or two from watching their films.

So this wouldn't be a States Hockey blog without talking about some apparel updates. We currently have just released our hoodies in both of our store locations, and they will be up on the site very soon. Also, be on the lookout for new hats and new logos, whether it be new states or new designs. I for one am very excited to release these since they open a whole new door for apparel.

As always, wear your state with pride.

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