A Fresh Sheet of Ice

First off, all of us here at States Hockey™ would like to thank all of our customers for an amazing first year. The amount of support we recieved was out of this world. Whether it was purchasing the apparel or spreading the news through word/social media, we truly do apreciate all of it. The fact we were able to build a business, get in stores, and be popular in the hockey community is just crazy, so we are very grateful towards all of you.

Now enough about talking about the past, it is a new year after all. The new year to me just seems so full of opportunity. I like to see it as a fresh sheet of ice. Everything before it does have a slight impact on it, but what is about to happen to it will have a much greater effect. You are in control of the "game". Sure, every game has its ups and downs, but if you give everything you have, the whole thing can turn to be a beautiful thing.

I think everyone should always have their goals in mind. I'm not talking about little ones like "I want to get good grades" or "I want to make this team". Although those are good to have, I'm talking about the big picture. Where you want to go in life. Those big goals can then tie back to the little ones and thus give you more motivation towards the main target.

I like the words of James Clear in his article "Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals" ( https://jamesclear.com/goal-setting ) when he said "Imagine a small row boat. Your goals are like the rudder on the boat. They set the direction and determine where you go. If you commit to one goal, then the rudder stays put and you continue moving forward. If you flip-flop between goals, then the rudder moves all around and it is easy to find yourself rowing in circles." In this case he is refering to having one main goal in mind, not having too many where it can get overwhelming. No matter how capable you think you are, there is such thing as too much. Now Im not saying have only one goal in life, I actually believe in the opposite. I am however saying you should take on things one at a time. If you have two long term goals, work on them appropriately, devoting a certain amount of time to each one allowing you to have a more focused mind-set.

Thank you guys for reading, I do apologize for not putting out a blog post in a while, trust me, it was worth it because we have more high quality apparel coming your way. In this case, our next release will be providing more varitey to our hat styles, and thats all I can tell you for a sneak peak :). Thank you to all of you and all of your support in our first year of business, we plan to keep things pumping out strong. As always, "wear your state with pride"!

Our Favorite pictures of 2018

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