Juggling Hockey and School

Although the season is coming to an end, there is still one topic I wanted to talk on, and that is being able to control all the stress that is provided from school work and an intense hockey schedule. Some of this can be hard for most players, especially if they are playing high level PLUS in advanced classes, making their free time becoming very miniscule. However I am going to show you four simple tips that can at least help you cope with all that stress.

1. Make a schedule for all your school work

With so much going on in your life, its only bound to happen that you are going to forget something. This is why I recommend creating an agenda or simply setting reminders when certain papers are due. All you have to do is write the assignment down and its due date and then at the end of every day, check up on it along with the others you've been assigned to truly remember anyone you may have forgoten. I do reccomend always checking a day or two in advance allowing you time to actually complete said papers.

2. Put school first

What most players don't understand is there is a chance your hockey carreer might not work out. It may come to an end due to an injury, getting cut, or simply getting bored of the game. This is why there must always be a backup plan on what they want to do other than hockey. I am by no means discouraging you from advancing your hockey career, I am however saying have a sturdy backup plan than you can easily fall into. The best thing I reccommend for the higher age players is start picking what you want to study in college. Not only will this set a career path for the future, but it will also allow you to select colleges more effectivley. So next time you have practice the same night a giant paper is due the next day, contact your coach and see if it is possible to miss out on that practice. Luckily most coaches will already understand this, however don't get to the point where is a weekly occurance.

3. Inform your teachers about tournaments

Typically when a player has a tournament coming up, they will be missing a chunk of school days, thus missing a chunk of school work. This can be really hard to make up and catch up to the rest of the class, especially if you missed a few tests. My reccommendation is to allow your teachers to know what days you will be missing before hand. You can then ask for work you are going to need for those days and you can simply do those either in the car or the plane. And yes, it is sad to do school work when having fun with your teamates, but trust me, it is much worse to try and scramble around after the tournament to get five papers done in one night.

4. Use free time to free your mind

Free time is usually hard to come by with such an intese schedule. However when you are given it, take it for everything it is worth. One of the best things to do is to do activities that really allow your mind to roam free. Whether it is doing some simple meditation (don't worry I won't turn full hippy one you), sitting in a cozy room listening to music, or going out for a jog or bike ride. These will allow you to just forget about everything, allowing all that stress to melt away.

If you take all of these tips and put them to good use I can assure next season will not be a chaotic juggle betweeen hockey and school work, making for a very fun, very productive year.

One last thing, we will be releasing new hats very soon to keep watch, there is a limited supply so they will for sure be going fast. Thank you for reading and continue to wear your state with pride!

#Motivation #Mindset #Schoolandhockey

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