Dealing with the loss of a loved one

As we all know, the hockey community is one of the strongest and most loyal communities out there. They even are considered family. But with most great things in life also comes hardships and obstacles that try to get in the way of what we try to accomplish. One that commonly is very hard to deal with is the passing of a love one. Whether it be a close family member, a friend, or just someone who was always there for you, it can be hard. You never truly understand how beautiful life is until you go through loss, for it makes you appreciate what you have in loved ones that will always care for you until the end.

Now I do apologize for this being such a hard hitting topic but I just want to share my opinions on loss and what I believe are the best ways to get through it, because everyone will have to deal with it at one point in there lives, for that is just the way life goes. Recently, a very close family member of mine passed away and it truly was heartbreaking, considering they always supported me through everything I did and they just made everyone happy when they stepped in the room. At first it was tough because I now have to go through my days without them and sometimes I just thought I wouldn't be able to do anything the same again.

This in my opinion is the worst thing you can do when dealing with any loss, for looking at the negatives in a situation is truly doing no good for anyone. So I decided to change my mind set. Yes, this is hard to do at first but it is a crucial step in moving forward, trust me. I became more motivated to do all i could to make them proud. “Everything I do now must be for them” I would think at times since this person did so much for me and everyone else in their community.

The more I thought about it, death is truly bitter sweet. On one hand it makes everything hard, can be emotionally tiring, and make you feel unmotivated. On the other hand however, it unites families and friends, where you can share your best memories with that person and bring everyone closer together. It is that side we should always focus on because I personally feel better as a person and now feel closer to the rest of my family after the funeral service.

All together, loss is a very rough topic to discuss since it brings so many emotions to play, but as time has gone on it can be seen in a better light. It can be used for motivation as well as inspiration.

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