How to prioritize during the season

School has now gotten back into full swing, and for some it is even reaching their first quarterly break. To almost all students, that one-to-two week break seems like heaven on Earth. But why? Is it because we finally can now sleep in for half of the day? Is it because you now don't have to worry about what you wear and you will show up to the rink wearing pajamas? While these may all seem appealing, I don't believe they are the sole cause of the anticipation, for the break from school work and the stress that It brings is the biggest reason.

Now school is meant to challenge us, and that is good. They even have even more challenging programs such as honors and AP classes. We all must agree though, being a student athlete is one of the most demanding roles someone of that age group can play. And for most students I am buddies or the classmates that are also my teammates for the high school team, they are enrolled in those pre-mentioned advanced classes. This just makes you wonder "How are you not drowning in work?". The answer is simple: effectively prioritizing.

Setting priorities is the biggest help because not only are you aware of what you have to do, but you are also able to organize them and decide when certain assignments must be completed. Very rarely have I met a fellow student athlete that likes to procrastinate, and I like to think its because of experience and trial and error and them realizing "hey maybe I shouldn't wait until the day before its due". Because once you add on practices and games, the time you have is very little and some people tend to overestimate how much time they actually have.

Another thing that I believe student athletes, especially hockey players, do best is not sweating the small stuff. Just like in a game of hockey, if you make one bad pass or give a turn over, its not like you just the lost the whole game from that one mistake. This can then be applied to school. Say you have a project or assignment you didn't do to hot on. You're whole grade isn't down the drain for the whole year, and that's why I think student athletes are the best at rebounding too. They never stress out about their grades, they know that they would just be wasting energy and mind-space over that one assignment. And, you guessed it, it can be applied back to the game, wasting energy and thought over a mistake that is in the past.

So my advice for all the student athletes out there: prioritize your time wisely. Get those assignments done way before they are due, that way you don't even have to worry about them the night before like the other kids in your class. School is tough, but we athletes are tougher and we build from trial and error. The school year is just another long tournament, but instead of sticks and gloves in hand, it is replaced with pencils and books.

As always at the end, I would like to update you guys on our new apparel line we are going to be releasing very soon, and I truly think you guys are going to like it. We have taken the simple logos and color schemes that everyone loves, and have evolved them to still be minimal and simplistic, but with a touch of flair. Stay tuned for more announcements and the release date on our social media and news letters, both of which are linked at the bottom of the website.

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